What is an SDI ?



We can define an SDI (Spatial Data Infraestructure) as a computer network system composed by a group of resources (catalogues, servers, programs, data, applications, WebPages, and so on) that manage the Geographic Information such as maps, orthophotography, satellite images, toponims, etc. and they are available to download from Internet. This information supplies interoperability conditions (rules, specifications, protocols, interfaces, etc) that allow the user to download and use them, with only a web browser.





Find and download the quality that fits best your data requirements (remote sensing)



The first part of every project  is to find out where to download the best quality of data. In this post, we show some fundamental notions to start to look for this kind of data.



straitofgibraltar ASAR r




Data for Remote Sensing and GIS



One main feature for a person who is starting to study Remote Sensing and GIS sciences, is to know how to download the most useful data for his corresponding study area. Getting to know the scales and resolutions that better fixes to that area, downloading the necessary features... and so on, we will cover them in this post.


Eye of an algal storm large Sentinel2


Install your AutoCAD MAP 3D

We have been recently asked for this software, due to our course in Digital Mapping with ArcGIS and AutoCAD MAP 3D. In this post, we are going to explain the way with which you will get your desktop application AutoCAD MAP 3D .



map 3d 2016



A workflow for " Collector "




Would you like to build an useful application in your mobile device using ArcGIS? Don't worry, it won't take long to discover the best features in one of the most  powerful GIS platform.

In this post, we are going to use an example with the Bike Stations of London, preparing a layer from a KML (creating a new symbology and saving it in a new style)  and upload it to ArcGIS Online and then, use it in Collector for ArcGIS. 




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